Dentist in Marvin, NC

Dentist in Marvin, NC

If you are among the almost 6,000 residents of Marvin, NC, you have fun attractions and excellent services nearby. A short drive can take you to country clubs, parks, and more.

A similarly brief journey also gives you access to excellent dentist Marvin, NC, from us at Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Living close to the things you need and the amenities you want makes Marvin, NC, a great hometown.

Attractions in the Marvin, NC Area

Marvin, NC, has multiple attractions within the town, most of which cater to most families that make up the population. You can access several outdoor amenities such as golfing, parks, pools, and tennis. The following are some of the top things to do in the area:

Firethorne Country Club

dentist in marvin ncFirethorne Country Club is a private club open to members only. However, you can get a membership and enjoy the many perks of this club that offers much more than just its championship golf course. Members can access the swimming pool, tennis courts, workout classes, pickleball, social events, and a pair of quality on-site dining options. The club is currently undergoing upgrades to offer its members even better amenities.

Marvin Efird Park

Marvin Efird Park is another popular option for recreation in the Marvin area. This park is free and open to the public. It has multiple ways to unite community members, including a redwood playground, a 9-hole disc golf course, and community gardens. Several times during the year, you may attend events at Marvin Efird Park, such as National Night Out, the holiday tree lighting, and movie nights.

Waxhaw Marvin Swim and Tennis

Another option for memberships is the Waxhaw Marvin Swim and Tennis facility. As a non-profit, volunteer-run organization, the pool has much lower membership fees than other facilities in the area. Plus, anyone in Waxhaw or Marvin can join. Members can swim in the Olympic-sized pool with a diving board and water slide. Three-lit tennis courts give members plenty of options for play, even after dark, all year. For family fun without breaking the bank, consider a membership to the Waxhaw Marvin Swim and Tennis facility.

Visit a Dentist Marvin NC Locals Love – Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Locals in Marvin deserve the best dental care possible. Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry provide the highest quality of care. Our highly educated and experienced dental team uses their knowledge and skills with the latest technology to provide patients with any dental service they need.

Our Technology

The technology we use in our practice allows us to provide our patients with high-quality care and greater comfort. For instance, our practice uses several tools to prevent the spread of infection. The Medify Air system uses three true HEPA H13 filters to remove germs from the air.

These medical-grade filtration systems can remove up to 99.97% of particles from the air and automatically adjust their filtration capacity. Additionally, our dental professionals use the PureVac HVE evacuation system to prevent the spread of germs from patients’ mouths.

Another technology we use improves the experiences patients have. Instead of waiting for customized crowns, we have the CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) to create crowns in a single visit.

Imaging is crucial for dental care. Our practice uses several tools to improve imaging. We have iTero Intraoral Scanners to create complete images of the teeth without making impressions. Intraoral cameras allow our dentists to help patients to understand their care better. Our cone-beam CT scanner creates three-dimensional images of the teeth when x-rays do not provide adequate information. Finally, for precision work, our experts use the Global Endodontic Microscope to see inside the teeth.

The Picasso Lite Laser gives patients the benefit of laser dentistry that minimizes bleeding, reduces the need for stitches, hastens to heal, and reduces discomfort during procedures.

Our Services

Our services include a full menu of options that include cleaning and exams to keep your teeth healthy, treatments for problems, and services to make your smile even more stunning.

Preventative services are the regular visits you make to the dentist when you don’t have specific concerns. During these visits, you have cleanings that remove plaque and tartar and exams to check your dental health.

Restorative and cosmetic services return the function and beauty of your teeth. If you have decay, you may need root canal treatment from our endodontist or a cavity filled, depending on the extent of the decay. With a clean bill of dental health, you can choose from several cosmetic treatments to brighten, straighten, or correct your smile. Talk to one of our dentists about the best options for what you want to achieve.

Schedule Your Appointment with Quality Dentist Marvin NC

Dental care should have the same priority as other aspects of health care. Regular dental visits help you to have a smile ready to flash. Trust our team at Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for comprehensive dental care. Contact us today to schedule a visit with our highly qualified dental team member.