Teeth Whitening

Put forward your best smile. At Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide teeth whitening South Charlotte NC, residents trust for brighter smiles and less sensitivity. Improve your overall appearance by starting with the first thing you show to the world, your smile. We can help you get the stunning, bright white smile you want.

Why Visit a Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Thinking about buying an over-the-counter OTC whitening kit? Before you choose your options based on pricing alone - weigh the pros and cons of each. At Cedar Walk, we offer teeth whitening from GLO Professional whitening system. This is an in-office option that gives you better results quickly and without sensitivity caused by OTC products.

Better, Faster Results

Over-the-counter whitening kits use weaker versions of the bleaching agent. So, you won't get the same results from using the kits. You may need to use the kit for a week to a month to attain a single shade of brightening in your teeth.

With our in-office GLO Professional system, you can see whitening up to 12 shades brighter from one visit. When you need fast results and multiple shades of whitening, your best option is choosing to visit us in our office near South Charlotte for whitening.

Reduced Sensitivity

OTC products frequently cause tooth and gum sensitivity. The same bleaching agent that whitens your teeth in these can also irritate the gums and teeth. Most often, this happens because the whitening strips or gel do not stay only on the teeth and can contact the gums or tissues of the mouth.

GLO Professional in-office whitening eliminates the sensitivity. A warming mouthpiece reduces treatment time and improves results without requiring stronger bleaching agents. Therefore, you'll have less sensitivity than with other whitening systems.

If you think you cannot get your teeth whitened due to previous experiences with post-treatment sensitivity, talk to one of our dentists at Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to see if GLO Professional whitening can give you the results you need without the sensitivity side effects.

Our In-Office Whitening System

Our GLO Professional in-office whitening system stands out from many other solutions. It requires just minutes to attain a beautiful smile, and you don't need multiple visits to achieve results.

What Is GLO Professional Whitening?

GLO in-office whitening uses a high-tech mouthpiece that warms to an optimal temperature to activate the whitening gel. The mouthpiece reduces sensitivity by warming enough to whiten the teeth without causing extra sensitivity.

How Does GLO Professional In-Office Whitening Work?

When you visit us at Cedar Walk Dentistry for your whitening, you'll relax in the chair as the dentist applies the whitening gel to your teeth. This gel uses either a 24% or 30% hydrogen peroxide content. Dentists often use the former for those with existing dental sensitivity, while the latter is the standard dose. Hydrogen peroxide works better at lower concentrations than the other common bleaching agents in whitening kits, carbamide peroxide.

Once you have the gel on your teeth, you'll have the warming mouthpiece placed over your top and bottom teeth. This mouthpiece uses heat and light to activate the gel's whitening power faster.

Thanks to the flexibility of the system, you can have your teeth whitened in just 16 minutes. Once the system stops, the dentist removes the mouthpiece and gives you a mirror to admire your whiter smile.

How Long Does In-Office Whitening Take?

The entire whitening process with GLO Professional whitening only requires 30 minutes, including the time to apply the whitening gel. Thanks to the warming mouthpiece that reaches the ideal temperature faster than older models and stays at the necessary temperature for the full 16 minutes, you spend less time in the chair and more time sharing your brighter smile with the world.

How GLO Professional Whitening Outperforms Other In-Office Solutions?

GLO Professional whitening outperforms both OTC whitening kits by offering better results and other in-office treatments by producing fewer side effects.

All in-office whitening systems use light and heat to speed up the chemical reaction of the bleaching gel with the teeth. The main issue with other types of in-office whitening procedures is their methods of activating the bleaching gel. Often, other systems use a light controlled by the dentist to deliver the heat and light to the gel-covered teeth. However, while effective, this system has several side effects.

Due to the external nature of the light and heat applied to the teeth, patients may experience varying temperatures in their mouths that sometimes cause a zapping sensation.

Additionally, since the teeth have exposure to the air during the whitening process, the heat and light draw moisture from the teeth. This results in dehydrated teeth that feel more sensitive after treatment.

Third, the teeth may rebound to their darker coloring soon after the treatment as they rehydrate and recover from the sensitivity. This rebound often requires multiple visits to correct or control.

Fourth, the shorter treatment time and addition of potassium nitrate to the whitening gel prevent sensitivity, so your dentist will not need to pre-treat or post-treat your teeth with anti-sensitivity agents. Other in-office treatment methods may require the extra step of applying sensitivity-prevention substances to the teeth before or after the whitening session, which extends your treatment time.

Finally, the external heat and light source requires longer exposure times for the teeth. Consequently, patients need to spend more time in the chair and return for additional sessions to get multiple shades of whitening.

If you have a choice, choose a dentist that offers the GLO Professional system. Our team at Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers GLO teeth whitening near South Charlotte, NC, to provide our patients with the best and fastest whitening possible.

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