Icon Treatment

Cavities are no longer inevitable, even if you have minor decay in your tooth. With the innovative Icon treatment South Charlotte NC, residents can stop dental decay before it causes the pain of a cavity. At Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer this system that preserves your teeth and avoids the need for drilling and filling.

What Is the Icon Treatment?

The Icon treatment bridges the gap between fluoride correction of the earliest signs of decay and fillings. So minimally invasive, it is micro-invasive, the Icon treatment has been a staple for years to restore teeth.

The earliest signs of dental decay are white spots on the teeth. These happen before the decay eats into the last layer of dentin and causes serious pain. By remineralizing the tooth, the Icon system fills in microscopic holes caused by decay and restores the tooth to its original strength.

To use the Icon system, the dentist does not need to apply anesthesia because the process does not cause pain.

First, your affected teeth will have an etching agent applied to help the infiltration product seep into the teeth. This will stay on your teeth for at least two minutes. The dentist then rinses it off.

Second, the dentist rinses the tooth further and dries it completely.

Third, you will have the first infiltration product applied to your affected teeth. It will stay on for three minutes. After which the dentist cures it with a light for under a minute.

The second infiltration step reinforces the remineralization achieved by the first step. The dentist applies the product, lets it sit, and light cures it.

The entire process takes only 15 minutes aside from taking x-rays and preparing you for the treatment. In just one visit, your decay can stop.

You may receive fluoride treatment after getting Icon to further help strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities. A follow-up visit after a year or two may include x-rays to verify that the system worked to stop and reverse the decay.

If you need whitening of your teeth, you may need to wait a couple of weeks after getting the Icon system, but the treated teeth will whiten the same as your other teeth. Talk to the dentist about scheduling whitening or other cosmetic treatments after you get Icon on your teeth.

Who Can Use the Icon Treatment?

The Icon treatment is part of the solutions for decay that our dentists at Cedar Walk use for children and adults. By helping to fill pores inside teeth, we reverse dental decay and protect our patients from pain and fillings.

We offer the Icon treatment, even for children who still have their baby teeth. Drilling into baby teeth to fill them can make the tooth weak until an adult tooth replaces it. This weakness raises the chances that it could crack and need additional care before it falls out naturally.

By using the Icon treatment with kids, we can help them to have strong healthy teeth until their adult teeth come into place. We can also treat their adult teeth before decay causes permanent damage to their teeth.

For adults, we can use the Icon treatment if our dentists spot decay in the earliest stages. You might see white areas on your teeth while brushing or flossing. If you do, getting a dental appointment with us before it causes pain may let you take advantage of the Icon system.

Because you only get one set of teeth after your adult teeth emerge, you should let us help you to take the best care of them possible. With our use of Icon treatment, we reduce the long-term harm decay can do to your teeth.


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Why Is Icon Treatment Better Than a Filling?

Waiting until you need a filling has several downsides. First, you may wait too long and require root canal treatment instead. While root canals are no more painful to receive than fillings, they require more visits to finish. Plus, before you get a root canal, the decay that progresses to your pulp causes serious pain in your mouth that you don't want to live with.

Another downside to getting a filling is that the process drills out some of your tooth's healthy intact material to make room for the dentist to clean the area and fill it. Sometimes, this can weaken the tooth. You could later need another filling if the one that you get falls.

Additionally, silver amalgam fillings do not look appealing in the mouth. Even tooth-colored fillings still do not look like natural teeth. The Icon treatment leaves your tooth looking natural and beautiful because it preserves your tooth's structure and appearance.

Finally, fillings are not fun. If you fear the sound of a dental drill, the best way to never have to hear it is by preventing the need for cavity fillings. Regular dental exams, brushing and flossing at home, and getting the Icon treatment if you need it can help you never need to hear a dental drill for a cavity filling.

Do All Dentists Offer Icon Treatment Near South Charlotte NC?

Not all dentists in the South Charlotte NC area offer Icon treatment. Plus, you can only get this treatment system from a qualified dentist. Our team at Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry provides Icon as a service for our patients who need it to fix moderate decay in teeth.

You may have the Icon treatment presented as an option during a regular dental exam at Cedar Walk. If the dentist suggests it, take advantage of the system. It is painless, takes just a few minutes, and is a long-lasting solution.

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Decay does not mean that you will always need a filling. With the Icon treatment, our dentists halt the decay process, leaving your teeth intact. Maintain your regular schedule of appointments, but if you see white spots on your teeth, contact us to find out if you need the Icon treatment to stop the dental erosion.